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Law Offices of Haregu Gaime

Your immigration story is unique - we make your journey our priority.

Hundreds of individuals have put their trust in Haregu Gaime to ensure their immigration needs are professionally represented.

  • Overview

    Law Offices Of Haregu Gaime is a boutique firm that focuses on the need of each individual client and their unique sets of issues. We understand that it is difficult to navigate the rules and regulation of United States immigration law. It is for this reason that our philosophy in serving our clients, is that this is a partnership between the client and our offices, in which we come together to ensure your success. We are here to listen and find the best way to resolve your issue.

    At Law Offices of Haregu Gaime, the main focus of our practice is Immigration Law, which means, our attorneys are well trained and experienced. Our assistants and interns are highly trained, compassionate colleagues who are more than ready to assist you with all your inquiries.

    • Serving Clients Since 2009
    • Handled over 1000 immigration cases
    • Member of the California Bar Association
    • Member of the Charles Huston Bar Association
    • Vice-Chair of the San Francisco Immigrants Rights Commission
    • Member of the Black Woman Lawyers Association
    • Member of the Queens Bench
  • Bio

    Haregu Gaime, Esq.

    Haregu Gaime, the named founder of Law Offices of Haregu Gaime is a seasoned veteran in the area of Immigration Law. Her approach to practicing immigration law is based on her belief, "that there is a reason as to why someone made the huge decision to leave ones own country, home, family and friends to settle in new, different and sometimes difficult place." This understanding creates the ability to willingly and openly listen to each issue and find the most effective method of resolution.

    Haregu Gaime is a Graduate from the University of California and The San Francisco School Law. Studied Abroad at the University of Asmara, and Studied at Howard School of Law as well. During her studies in law school, Ms. Gaime went to South Africa to study and write about the impact of law on social interactions, comparing Jim Crow Laws and South African Apartheid.

    Currently Ms. Gaime is the Vice-Chair of the San Francisco Immigration Rights Commission. The commission's mission is to ensure that immigrants residing in San Francisco are well represented.

  • Team

    • Harege GaimeProprietor

      Haregu graduated with degrees in African American Studies and History from the University of California, Berkeley and earned her JD at the University of San Francisco School of Law and graduated in 2006. In 2009, Haregu opened her own law practice in which she focuses in immigration law and asylum work.
    • Feven GoitomAssistant

      Ms. Goitom is a very versatile and vital part of our team. Her calm personality brings a focus to our team ensuring that the office runs smoothly.
    • Banna Esaias Intern

      A student at St. Mary's, Ms. Esaias is ready to resolve any issues. Her research skills combined with her innately inquisitive mind makes for a great legal research assistant.
    • Harege GaimeProprietor
    • Feven GoitomAssistant
    • Banna Esaias  Intern
  • Philosophy

    We believe that every person is an individual who has unique immigration needs and who deserves the best quality representation geared to their individual needs. With that philosophy at the forefront we tailor our work towards your needs. We believe that the best way to ensure that we are true to our mission is to allow for open communication. To ensure that the client are able to communicate their issues directly to our attorneys, our office provides a safe, friendly and professional atmosphere, where questions are responded to within 24 hours.

    And it is this philosophy that enables us to continue to serve our community. Most of our clients are are referred to us by their friends and colleagues who are former clients who were Satisfied with the work of Law offices of Haregu Gaime

  • Testimonials

    Our Clients

    Personal testimonials from clients we have provided assistance for with amnesty, immigration, and citizenship cases.

    "Haregu from the get go is a very inspirational young lady, who is very dedicated to her community and to anyone she encounters with. She is very full of energy, caring and understanding. In the last few years has grown in depth through the experience she is gaining by dealing and helping people at her profession. "

    Berhane Gaime
    San Francisco City Engineer

    "Haregu Gaime gave me a really good representation and a very constructive guidance during my immigration court proceedings. However, what impressed me further was her thoughtful personality that went beyond just being an attorney but also helping me in connecting with professionals that helped me a lot in taking the next step in pursuing my career."

    Samuel Weldemariam
    Apple Employee

    "I choose the Law Offices of Haregu Gaime to handle difficult immigration cases for my family and friends. Haregu assisted my family in obtaining an immigrant visa for my sister ensuring my sisters ability to obtain permanent residency, furthermore, Ms. Gaime also assisted a relative of mine to obtain asylum, based, as well as assisting us on several other immigration cases. It was extremely helpful to have Haregu guide my family through complex legal matters. Her bilingual skills have been an added benefit as well. Her personal attention to clients, diligence and attention to details is one of the reason we chose Haregu as our family attorney. Please accept thankfulness from me and my parents for your great help. I am confident that the Law Offices of Haregu Gaime will be a great asset and addition to immigrant community."

    Mussie Sibhatu

    "Compassionate and patient are just two of the many qualities this wonderful attorney, Haregu Gaime, who went far beyond my expectations by genuinely expressing concern for what I was experiencing as an immigrant."

    Berikti Tesfaghiorghis

    "Mrs. Gaime is Simply the BEST!
    Mrs. Gaime is a wonderful person who is always willing to go the extra mile. We did not feel alone during the hard time of immigration detention of my brother in law. Throughout the case she was always supportive, caring, and understanding. She is very professional, and knowledgeable of immigration law as well as an amazing attorney. Mrs. Gaime always returned my calls and emails whenever we had a questions or concern. I remember one time I called Mrs. Gaime early Sunday Morning and she still called me back even thought it was her day off. It is so nice to talk to a lawyer who you feel is part of your family. We are very happy to have known her professionally and personally. Thank you so much to the Law Office of Haregu Gaime!"

    Mussia Abraha & Family